Autumn Open Sunday 10th September 2017

Many thanks to all of you that supported our Autumn Open today, once again it was nice to welcome racers from as far apart as Scotland and Kent. The weather wasnt brilliant, with constant drizzle throughout most of the day, but that didnt take away from some brilliant racing and a good atmosphere. Many thanks to Doug and the team who had the track looking in superb condition and the recent rain meant it had a nice give to it as well as a smooth running surface. Racing was over 180 yards at 3/4 yard/lb for Elite and Maiden groups and 1/2 yard/lb for the Racers group and Veterans ran over 150 yards at 1/2 yard/lb and a yard per year. A big congratulations to all runners, finalists and group winners, there was some really close finals, one of the closest being the Veteran Supreme which was won by the end of a nose! Thank you also to all of you who helped out in any way on the day and also to anyone who bought tickets for the Charity raffle, a fantastic total of just over £200 was raised for the Thames Valley Ambulance Service.

Elite 14-19lb Group

Heats: Sidari Tegan, Whitby Whirl

1. Whitby Whirl

2. Sidari Tegan

3. Little Gem

4. Savernake Sparrowhawk

Consolation Final

1. RCh Ameesha Little Ebs

2. RCh Great Fun

3. Ameesha Red Rascal

NR Stormbourne Spitfire

Elite 20-22lb Group

Heats: RCh Jas It Up, Persian Leela

1. RCh Jas It Up

2. RCh Polly Flinders

3. Persian Leela

4. RCh Sweet Horizon

Consolation Final

1. Forever An Opal

Elite 23-25lb Group

Heats: Savernake Tawny Owl, Looney Tunes, Pathfinder

Semi finals: Pathfinder, Looney Tunes

1. Looney Tunes

2. Savernake Tawny Owl

3. Pathfinder

4. Bombay Bad Boy

Consolation Final

1. Angels Shining Star

2. Harvest Moon

3. Millworth Bangers

4. Forever In Amber

Elite 26-28lb Group

Heats: RCh Duncton Spirit of the North, Wild Apache

1. RCh Duncton Spirit of the North

2. Wild Apache

3. Savernake Top Gun

4. Masters Apprentice

Consolation Final

1. RCh Nubs Shifter

2. Angel of Dreams

29-32lb Group

Heats: RCh Kai Kai, Just Move Over

1. RCh Masters Edition

2. RCh Kai Kai

3. Just Move Over

4. Xchange

Consolation Final

1. Xtreme

2. Jungle Face

Maiden 14-20lb Group

Heats: Ameesha Just A Breeze, Winterfell Merry Meyhem

1. Ameesha Just A Breeze

2. Twilight Twiggy

3. Winterfell Merry Mayhem

4. Savernake Dormouse

Maiden 21-24lb Group

Heats: Winterfell Must Be Crazy, Secret Smile

1. Winterfell Must Be Crazy

2. Secret Smile

3. Ameesha Ellimo's Express

4. Savernake Forest Finale

Maiden 25-28lb Group

Heats: Jammy Dodger, Winterfell Crazy Lady

1. Winterfell Let Me Loose

2. Winterfell Crazy Lady

3. Duncton Dark Duke

4. Jammy Dodger

Consolation Final

1. Speed Limit

2. Savernake Peregrine Falcon

Maiden 29-32lb Group

Heats: That's My Boy, Evansabuv

1. Demolition Man

2. Evansabuv

3. That's My Boy

4. Artful Dodger

Veteran 14-21lb Group

Heats: VCh Savernake Muntjac, Winterfell Hellfire

1. VCh Conway Skye

2. VCh Savernake Muntjac

3. Winterfell Hellfire

4. RCh Isnt She Lovely

Veteran 22-25lb Group

Heats: VCh Savernake Bird Of Prey, RCh Bring It Back

1. RCh Bring It Back

2. Angel Of Mine

3. VCh Savernake Bird Of Prey

4. Savernake Sporting Gun

Consolation Final

1. Hurricane Fly

Veteran 26-32lb Group

Heats: VCh Winterfell Arfa Must Dash, SawyerfromEvan

1. SawyerfromEvan

2. VCh Dillinger

3. VCh Winterfell Arfa Must Dash

4. VCh Star Of Twilight

Racers Group

Heats: Whitby Jet, Bleau Bullet, My Best Buddy, Poetry In Motion

Semi finals: Whitby Jet, Bleau Bullet

1. Whitby Jet

2. Poetry In Motion

3. Bleau Bullet

4. My Best Buddy

Consolation Final

1. Little Mouse

2. The Phantom

3. Have Faith

4. Slinky Malinki

Veteran Supreme

1. RCh Bring It Back

2. VCh Conway Skye

NR SawyerfromEvan

Elite Supreme

1. RCh Jas It Up

2. Whitby Whirl

3. Looney Tunes

NR RCh Duncton Spirit of the North, RCh Masters Edition

Maiden Supreme

1. Winterfell Must Be Crazy

2. Winterfell Let Me Loose

3. Ameesha Just A Breeze

4. Demolition Man

Many thanks to Caroline for the lovely winners photographs.

Springtime Open Sunday 21st May 2017

Many thanks to everyone who joined us for our Springtime Open today, with the National Championships just a week away we were very pleased to have 100 dogs entered on the programme, although we did have a few non-runners on the day. The weather was warm and sunny and after almost a week of rain the track was in near perfect condition, a big thank you to Dougy and the team for preparing such a fantastic race surface for us all. Thanks also to all of you that helped out in any way on the day. There were some fantastic finals and close racing throughout. A big well done to all of the runners, finalists and group winners. 

Elite 14-19lb Group
Heats: Little Gem, Ameesha Little Ebs

1. Little Gem
2. Ameesha Little Ebs
3. Whitby Whirl
4. Cornish Vixen

Consolation Final
1. NPWRCh Great Fun
2. Savernake Sparrowhawk
3. Ameesha Red Rascal

Elite 20-22lb Group
Heats: Cornish Black Lace, NPWRCh Jas It Up, Apache Gold
Semi finals: Cornish Black Lace, NPWRCh Jas It Up

1. NPWRCh Jas It Up
2. Cornish Black Lace
3. Apache Gold
4. Harber Kernow

Elite 23-25lb Group
Heats: NPWRCh Nac Mac Feegle, Looney Tunes, Bombay Bad Boy
Semi finals: NPWRCh Nac Mac Feegle, Looney Tunes

1. Looney Tunes
2. NPWRCh Nac Mac Feegle
3. Skylon Felix
4. Bombay Bad Boy

Consolation Final
1. NPWRCh Bring It Back
2. Harvest Moon

Elite 26-28lb Group
Heats: Duncton Spirit Of The North, Gem Rock Nugget,
Semi finals: Duncton Spirit Of The North, Gem Rock Nugget

1. Duncton Spirit Of The North
2. Gem Rock Nugget
3. Mesmerizer
4. Batman Forever

Elite 29-32lb Group
Heats: Hellfire Corner, Agile Approach
Semi finals: Just Move Over, Agile Approach

1. Just Move Over
2. Agile Approach
3. Evansabuv

Consolation Final
NR Warhorse

Veteran 14-21lb Group
Heats: NVCh Savernake Muntjac, Lighthouse Belladonna

1. Lighthouse Belladonna
2. NVCh Savernake Muntjac
3. Isnt She Lovely
4. Global Nugget

Consolation Final
1. NPWRCh NVCh Cornish Tinker
NR Cornish Flame

Veteran 22-25lb Group
Heats: NVCh Savernake Bird Of Prey, Hurricane Fly

1. NVCh Savernake Bird Of Prey
2. Hurricane Fly
3. Dreamchaser

Veteran 26-32lb Group
Heats: Fools Gold, NVCh Like The Wind, Duncton Spirit Of The
Semi finals: NPWRCh Just Maybe, NVCh Like The Wind

1. Fools Gold
2. SawyerfromEvan
3. NVCh Like The Wind
4. NPWRCh Just Maybe

Consolation Final
1. NVCh Star Of Twilight
NR Dillinger

Maiden 14-20lb Group
Heats: Stormbourne Spitfire, Lighthouse Silver Spring

1. Stormbourne Spitfire
2. Lighthouse Silver Spring
3. Savernake Dormouse

Maiden 21-24lb Group
Heats: Lady Of Karma, Cosmic Chaser, Secret Smile
Semi finals: Secret Smile, Cosmic Chaser

1. Lady Of Karma
2. Cosmic Chaser
3. Secret Smile
4. Ameesha Ellimos Express

Consolation Final
1. The Black Bullet
2. Skilly Widden

Maiden 25-28lb Group
Heats: Pathfinder, Wild Apache

1. Pathfinder
2. Wild Apache
3. Savernake Peregrine Falcon
4. Duncton Dark Duke

Consolation Final
1. Savernake Tawny Owl
2. Diviner
NR Duncton Fury

Racers Group
Heats: Lady Anatevka, Whitby Jet

1. Whitby Jet
2. Bleau Bullet
3. Lady Anatevka
4. Day Dreamer

Jack Rees Memorial Elite Supreme

1. NPWRCh Jas It Up
2. Looney Tunes
NR Little Gem, Duncton Spirit of the North, Just Move Over

Gordon England Memorial Veteran Supreme

1. Lighthouse Belladonna
2. Fools Gold
NR NVCh Savernake Bird Of Prey

Tom Roberts Memorial Maiden Supreme

1. Stormbourne Spitfire
2. Lady Of Karma
3. Pathfinder

Many thanks to Lorraine Ftzgerald for the lovely winners photographs.

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