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3rd February 2013
Photos from our work party held at the track last Sunday can be seen below, it was a well attended event with many members making the extra effort to come and help out despite the cold winter weather. The aim was to prepare a second race surface alongside the main track so that racing can alternate between the two. This will ensure that the main track is in tip top condition for the upcoming open and National Championship meetings.

The day started with more stone picking along the length of the grass, the ground contains flint, of varying size and shape and the first task was to ensure that none could be found on or just below the running surface. This piece of ground had been highlighted for a second track over a year ago; it had previously been rollered and has a good covering of grass where it has been roped off from vehicles parking, so it was already on the road to becoming a good racing facility. The holes from any larger flints that were removed were filled in and the odd dandelion and thistle were taken out. Competition was rife as to "Who had the biggest flint" with friendly banter and much amusement, Steve Evans eventually claiming the trophy from Steve Miller. As buckets were filled and emptied we were all ready for a break, so it was all around the gas camping stove as Sara and Steph prepared hot tea and coffee over a well earned rest (and a chance to stretch out after being on hands and knees for the previous few hours). Jane Rankin had brought along an assortment of home made treats including carrot cake, chocolate brownies and Ginger cake. I dont think that there was anyone who went away after only having one slice..... Over the break it was time for some of the pups from Sue & Steve's litter out of Kinda Cheeky to make themselves known; many licks, cuddles and some rough and tough play ensued. Steve & Sue's Daisy, Sara's Harvey and Viv's Persie all look lively characters and we look forward to seeing them develop their racing career at the track. Steph & Doug's Joe is also looking good, while Lorraine & John's Issac has just reached six months and will soon be ready to start trialling in ernest.

After the refreshments it was back to the track for the final section of grass to be covered, the back breaking work was taking its toll and as the numbers dwindled the remaining participants reached each other - one party was moving in one direction and met the others who were working the opposite way. Meanwhile Doug had been busy sorting through equipment and doing some general maintenance around the grounds. There was just time for a few of the dogs that had accompanied their owners to stretch their legs on the field before we headed home. Doug hopes to be able to hire a roller to go over the field in the next week or so, with the hope of returning to club racing shortly after.

Many thanks to Steph, Doug, Sara, Andy, Linda, John, Lorraine, Rob, Viv, Jane, Steve, Sue and Steve for all of their help preparing the track, alongwith those members that came the previous week. With special thanks to Steph & Sara for organising the hot drinks and to Jane for baking the cakes.

Its all hands on deck.......

time for a break........

Puppy fun.......                                                                                                

and cuddles........

The (almost) finished track.....


Over look of our Club meeting............

20th May 2012

A couple of pics of our track/grounds

Mrs  Evans collecting Gypsy after her trial

Two of the Ingleys litter of brindles x

WooHooo............Fantastic News.............. 25 February 2012

Andover is back  Dougie, Rob and Mark have measured, and set our bend track today.This will be set permanent and although we have now have our 2012 fixture list, we will be updating it to include bend meetings for those who wish for their dogs to partake, giving them ultimate training to contest in the NPWRA bend Champs. To test the new bend track, Rch VCh Summa Breeze was most willing......the result, thumps up its A1. Watch this space for details of meeting,TBA shortly

Taken from half way up the straight.....

Mark and Belle (Uptown Girl) rolling the track shortly before our first meeting.......



Trialling meeting...........

29 January 2012

We held a trials meeting this afternoon, it was well attended and was our first meeting on our new ground. Race Manager rolled the track and majority of the field before the trials began and all agreed that the track is nothing short of superb. Also some fantastic news, we have  purchased a complete set of traps along with everything else needed to enable us to set up our permenant bend along with another lure  machine, batteries, netting, etc etc. we will be mapping out the bend in the near future and hope to have it in use by the end of this year


22 January 2012 

We held a well attended AGM and had discussions ranging from race fee's to racing dates, everyone, I believe, was happy with the outcome. We say good bye to Steffi Hood as a Committee member, as secretary of NPWRA, we understand that she is kept very busy and thank her for her time as a Committee member. We welcome three new Committee members; Andy Alford, Darcia Gingell and Sarah Button, making a strong and united Committee of eleven people

The presentation of our Top Club dogs 2011

Top Dog
1st Devilish Ways 37 points
2nd Pebble Nugget 35 points
3rd Ginger Ninja 33 points
4th Evan Elp Us 30 points
4th Star of Twilight 30 points
Top Bitch
1st Doolally 51 points
2nd Savernake Bird of Prey 48 points
3rd Savernake Flash of Red 46 points
4th Savernake Stepping Stones 36 points
5th Sunday Girl 35 points
Top Veteran
1st Uptown Girl 31 points
2nd Summa Breeze 25 points
3rd Mr Blue 21 points
3rd Bo Didley 21 points
5th Opal Nugget 20 points
Top Newcomer
1st Sunday Girl 35 points
2nd Rockin Robyn 27 points
3rd Savernake Skylark 13 points

WELL DONE one and all.

Pictures of Andovers new race field

Andover members set about cutting out the track and removing any stones

Chairman Dougie Hood cutting the track. Secretary Rob Sweet stone picking

Up-and-coming future member Mathew Sweet overseeing our work

Maintainence day  Sunday 25th September

Thank you to all who attended the above, a little under twenty able bodies arrived around 10am and we trialled our Whippets before moving into the new field to begin work. A slight breeze kept us cool as we toiled, with the occasional blast of sunshine. We all donated toward lunch and enjoyed soup and rolls, hot drinks, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, crisps and cakes and a chat.

The rabbit fencing has definitely done its job with not one rabbit dig out to be seen on the field. With the whole 200yd track now picked and weeded it could well be raced on but to save late wear and tear on it we will continue to use the dates booked on the old ground leaving the new to mature.

I hope to be able to post some pictures of the day as I recieve them. 

Once again, thank you all for helping make the day so succesfull and lighthearted and fun...............................

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