Andover Open 18th Sept' 2011

Main 14-19lb Group


1st   Rch Mortons Double Take
2nd   Rch Kinda Cheeky
3rd   Rch Cornish Tinker
4th   Rockin Robyn

Cons Final

1st   Cornish Flame
2nd   Conway Belle
3rd   Bee On Say
Mortons Crazy Days w/d

Heats    Sunday Girl,Global Nugget, Rockin Robyn..

Main 20-22lb Group


1st   Rch Sapphire Queens Topaz
2nd   ShearEvan
3rd   Femme Fatale
4th   Xplicit

Cons Final

 1st   Pebble Nugget
2nd   Conway Tear
3rd   Lilo Lil
4th   Satin Sings

Heats  Harber Schumacher,Rch Sapphire Queens Topaz,ShearEvan

Main 23-25lb Group


1st   It's Me
2nd   Devilish Ways
3rd   Rch Quiver
4th   Rch Sapphire's Gem

Cons Final

1st   Savernake Bird of Prey
2nd   Savernake Stepping Stones
3rd   Ypres
4th   Satin Sundown

Heats   Devilish Ways,Rch Sapphire's Gem, Rch Quiver

Main 26-28lb Group


1st   Master of Light
2nd   Only Me
3rd   Doolally
4th   Rch Fly the Wind

Cons Final

1st   Savernake Shogun
2nd   Flash Back
3rd   Mr Cooper

Heats Rch Fly the Wind,Get it On,Only Me,Doolally.

Main29-32lb Group


1st   Rch Armistice Day
2nd   Rch Flash in the Pan
3rd   Savernake Flash of Red
4th   Berlington Bertie

Heats  Berlington Bertie,Wilsdon Starr,Rch Armistice Day

Veteran 14-21lb Group


1st    RCh VCh Summa Breeze
2nd   Silver Star
3rd   Agile Addition
4th   RCh VCh Crystal Star

Cons Final 

1st Fuller Suprises

Heats  RCh VCh  Summa Breeze,Agile Addition

Veterans 22-25lb Group


1st   VCh Maximum Spirit
2nd   Back at Mill
3rd   VCh Racing Spikes
4th   Savernake Boomerang

Cons Final

1st   The Menin Gate
2nd   Agile Reflection
3rd   Duncton Crusader
RCh Bring it On w/d

Heats  Savernake Boomerang,Back at Mill

Veteran 26-32lb Group

1st   Savernake Blacksmith
2nd   Dee's Double
3rd   RCh VCh Star of Wonder
4th   Mr Blue

Cons Final

1st   Duncton Dark Legend
2nd   VCh Apache Jack Flash

Heats   Dee's Double,RCh VCh Star of Wonder

                                                                        Supreme Finals

Main Supreme

 1st RCh Sapphire Queens Topaz
 2nd  RCh Mortons Double Take

Veteran Supreme   

  1st  RCh VCh Summa Breeze
  2nd  VCh Maximum Spirit

The morning started with a shower and a couple more throughout the day
but, in anticipation we had erected the Marquee for the weigh-in,raffle,stalls,pa and presentation,the rain was short lived and
so didn't dampen spirits of the owners and Whippets who joined us
for our Open. We enjoyed some quality racing and friendly banter,a fine raffle( thank you once again Mrs Evans), and a bevvie and meal for some of us after racing in the pub
Andover Committee wish to thank all members and visitors for supporting
our Open and all who helped, your input is always much appreciated,well
done to all the runners and congratulations to the winners.
Before commencing the raffle we were proud to present a lovely bouquet
of flowers to Jeff & Ann Alan to congratulate them both on thier
40th Ruby wedding anniversary
We next meet on 25th Sept 10 am for trialling and ground maintainence
of our new field,tea/coffee and cake will be available for all the
workers. ( if the weather is bad,please contact Lesley-07539910302 or
Steph 01264771163-07825225138 before setting out)

 * Andover Club would like to wish all  members good luck in the forth coming National Championships*

Herbie Hood & Mum

14-19lb winner   RCh Mortons Double Take

20-22lb winner & Supreme winner  RCh Sapphire Queens Topaz

23-25lb winner It's Me

26-28lb winner Gary & Cheryl Coulburns  Master of Light

29-32lb winner RCh Armistice Day

Veteran 14-21lb winner & Supreme winner RCh VCh Summa Breeze

Veteran  22-25lb winner  VCh Maximum Spirit

Veteran 26-32lb winner   Savernake Blacksmith

Some of the Judges                 

A duo of non peddies venture out in the sun

Out of the traps

Raffle Queen Sue Evans

Many thanks to Chris Button for  the pictures.


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