Open Results 2015

Andover Autumn Open Sunday 13th September

We held our Autumn Open last Sunday and once again we were witness to some top quality racing from some of the best racing whippets in the country. The distance was 180 yards at a handicap of 3/4yd/lb for Elite and Maiden groups and 150 yards at 1/2yd/lb and a yard per year for Veterans. Many thanks to all of you that joined us, we welcomed racers from all corners of the UK from as far apart as Cornwall and the North. Thanks also to all of those that helped out by doing jobs during the day, with a particular thanks to Doug and the team for getting the track into superb condition ahead of the open. Congratulations to all runners and finalists with a special congratulations to our twelve group winners and Elite supreme winner Gem Rock Nugget, Maiden supreme winner Bombay Bad Boy and Veteran supreme winner RCh VCh Sapphire Queens Topaz. We look forward to welcoming you back to Andover in 2016.

Elite14-19lb Group
Heats: RCh Great Fun, RCh Kinda Hush

1. RCh Kinda Hush
2. Little Gem
3. Ameesha Little Ebs
4. RCh Great Fun

Consolation Final
1. Conway Skye
2. Ameesha Red Rascal

Elite 20-22lb Group
Heats: Dark Delight, RCh Another Millworth, Cheeky Devil
Semi finals: Dark Delight, RCh Another Millworth

1. Conway Khaleesi
2. Cheeky Devil
3. Dark Delight
4. RCh Another Millworth

 Consolation Final
1. Truly Scrumptious
2. Ameesha Misty
3. Rudy Roo
4. Kit Cat

Elite 23-25lb Group
Heats: RCh Endeavour, Up For It, Backchat, Millworth Bangers
Semi finals: RCh Endeavour, RCh Bring it Back

1. RCh Endeavour
2. Millworth Bangers
3. Dazzling Light
4. RCh Bring it Back

Consolation Final
1. Some Dog
2. Secrets & Lies
3. Winterfellin Babybelle
NR Ryamber Something Extra

Elite 26-28lb Group

Heats: Gem Rock Nugget, Ryamber Likely Lad, Shoeless Joe Jackson
Semi finals: Gem Rock Nugget, Mesmerizer

1. Gem Rock Nugget
2. Mesmerizer
3. Ryamber Fairy Nuff
4. Shoeless Joe Jackson

Elite 29-32lb Group
Heats: Hellfire Corner, Duncton Dark Knight, Duncton Spirit of the Wind, Jungle Face
Semi finals: Hellfire Corner, Duncton Dark Knight

1. Kai Kai
2. Duncton Dark Knight
3. Hellfire Corner
4. Duncton Spirit of the Wind

Consolation Final
1. Glory Road
2. Blackthorn Bob

Maiden 14-19lb Group
H eats: Hannah Montana, Persian Leela

1. Hannah Montana
2. Persian Leela
3. Savernake Dormouse
4. Mytifier

Consolation Final
1. Savernake Sparrowhawk
2. Conway Belle


Maiden 21-24lb Group
Heats: Bombay Bad Boy, Tinkers

1. Bombay Bad Boy
2. Ryamber Spring Fever
3. Tinkers Moondancer 

4. Poldark's Red Bull

Consolation Final
1. Ameesha Magik Monkey
2. Hurricane Fly

Maiden 25-28lb Group
Heats: Shooting Starlight, Special Brew

1. Shooting Starlight
2. Diviner
3. Special Brew

Consolation Final
1. Penelope Pitstop

Maiden 29-32lb Group
Heats: Court Jester, Lyssemoor Lad

1. Court Jester
2. Whitby Jet
3. Lyssemoor Lad
4.Tanzanite Boy

Consolation Final

1. Mr Trotter
2. Day Dreamer

Veteran 14-21lb Group
Heats: RCh VCh Sapphire Queens Topaz, VCh Kinda Busy

1.RCh VCh Sapphire Queens Topaz
2. VCh Kinda Busy
3. RCh Fun Lovin
4. Global Nugget

Consolation Final
1. Savernake Stepping Stones
2. Pebble Nugget

Veteran 22-25lb Group
Heats: Savernake Bird of Prey, RCh VCh Sapphires Gem

Sorry no photo

1. RCh VCh Sapphires Gem
2. Savernake Bird of Prey
3. Any Other Business
4. Xplicit

Veteran 26-32lb Group

Heats: RCh VCh Armistice Day, VCh Shadow

1. RCh VCh Armistice Day
2. VCh Spellbinder
3. Mr Cooper
4. VCh Shadow

Consolation Final
1. Star of Twilight


1. Gem Rock Nugget

2. Kai Kai

3. Conway Khaleesi

NR Kinda Hush & RCh Endeavour


1. Bombay Bad Boy

2. Hannah Montana

3. Shooting Starlight

4. Court Jester


1. RCh VCh Sapphire Queens Topaz

N/R RCh VCh Sapphires Gem & RCh VCh Armistice Day

Thanks to Lorraine Fitzgerald for the photos.


Andover Summertime Open and Puppy Derby Results Sunday 24th May

Many thanks to everyone that joined us for our Summertime Open held today. The weather was kind and the day ran smoothly with no hiccups. Many thanks to Doug and the team for getting the track into such an excellent condition, thanks also to all of the people that helped out by doing jobs on the day, especially to those that came along to help even though they had no dogs running. Racing was over 150 yards at half yard/lb and there were some brilliant close finals. Well done to all runners, finalists and winners.

Elite 14-19lb Group  (2014 winner RCh Great Fun)

Heats: RCh Dolly Byrd, Fun Lovin

1. RCh Great Fun

2. RCh Dolly Byrd

3. Fun Lovin

Elite 20-22lb Group (2014 winner RCh Millworths Back)

Heats: RCh Polly Flinders, RCh Another Millworth, RCh Millworth's Back

Semi finals: Savernake Muntjac, RCh Another Millworth

1. RCh Polly Flinders

2. RCh Another Millworth

3. Savernake Muntjac

4. Kinda Hot

Consolaton final

1. Stripey Nancy

Elite 23-25lb Group  (2014 winner Fenland Whisper)

Heats: RCh Endeavour, Up for It, Secrets & Lies

Semi finals: RCH Endeavour, Up for It

1. RCh Endeavour

2. RCh Doolally

3. Up for It

4. Secrets & Lies

Consolation Final

1. RCh Bring it Back

2. Some Dog

3. Savernake Sporting Gun

4. Winterfellin Babybelle

Elite 26-28lb Group  (2014 winner RCh Markamy's Black Bentley)

Heats: Red Apache, RCh Shakira

1. Red Apache

2. RCh Shakira

3. Mesmerizer

4. Mr Cooper

Consolation Final

1. Agile Approach

Elite 29-32lb Group (2014 winner RCh Chermayeff)

Heats: Duncton Dark Knight, Kai Kai

1. Kai Kai

2. Duncton Dark Knight

3. Xchange

4. Dillinger

Consolation Final

1. Blackthorn Bob

NR Duncton Spirit of the Wind

Maiden 14-20lb Group  (2014 winner Morton's Crazy Nights)

Heats: Little Gem, Harber Kernow

1. Little Gem

2. Cornish Vixen

3. Sapphires Carnelian

4. Harber Kernow

Consolation Final

1. Mystifier

2. Savernake Dormouse

Maiden 21-24lb Group  (2014 winner Up for It)

Heats: Cornish Black Lace, Millworth Bangers

1. Cornish Black Lace

2. Millworth Bangers

3. Hot Right Now

4. Rudy Roo

Consolation Final

1. Harvest Moon

2. Hurricane Fly

Maiden 25-28lb Group  (2014 winner Mesmerizer)

Heats: Shooting Starlight, Shoeless Joe Jackson

1. Gem Rock Nugget

2. Shoeless Joe Jackson

3. Shooting Starlight

4. Savernake Shooting Star

Consolation Final

1. Glory Road

2. Savernake Top Gun

NR Tanzanite Boy

Maiden 29-32lb Group  (2014 winner RCh Markamy's Red Fred)

Heats: Like the Wind, Jungle Face

1. Jungle Face

2. Like the Wind

3. Court Jester

4. Mr Trotter

Consolation Final

1. Day Dreamer

Whitby Jet (DQ)

Veteran 14-21lb Group  (2014 winner RCh VCh Sapphire Queens Topaz)

Heats: Kinda Busy, VCh Mies Van der Rohe, Pebble Nugget

Semi finals: Kinda Busy, RCh VCh Cornish Tinker

1. Kinda Busy

2. RCh VCh Cornish Tinker

3. Cornish Flame

4. Pebble Nugget

Consolation Final

1. Savernake Stepping Stones

Veteran 22-25lb Group  (2014 winner RCh VCh Sapphires Gem)

Heats: RCh VCh Sapphires Gem, Xplicit

1. Rch VCh Sapphires Gem

2. Harber Schumacher

3. Xplicit

4. Woodleigh Amber

Veteran 26-32lb Group  (2014 winner VCh Shadow)

Heats: RCh VCh Armistice Day, Spellbinder

1. RCh VCh Armistice Day

2. Spellbinder

3. Harber Spirit

4. VCh Shadow

Consolation Final

1. Mad for It

2. Star of Twilight


1. Kai Kai

2. RCh Polly Flinders


1. RCh VCh Sapphires Gem

2. RCh Armistice Day


1. Gem Rock Nugget

2. Cornish Black Lace

3. Jungle Face

Thanks to Caroline Willoughby for the photographs.

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